Introduction. This manual provides the technical information necessary for servicing the VX-3R Ul- tra-Compact Dual-Band Transceiver. Servicing this equipment. VX-3R Manual en Español. Your AD Here. Download details. VX-3R Manual en Español. (5 votes). Data. File name. Size, MB. Downloads, Language . 7 Dec You can write your own review of the Yaesu VX-3R. . manual is not yet available to make up for the lack of a schematic in the owner’s manual.

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Yaesu Operating Guides

Press the PTT switch to save the new setting and exit to normal operation. The operating system of this radio is, put mildly, full-featured. Don’t show me vx–3r message again. Internet Link System access. Page Bx-3r or disables the VFO band edge limiting for the current band. Three options for activating the lamp are yaesu vx-3r manual See page 72 for details.

Frequency ranges will vary according to transceiver ver- sion; check with your yaesu vx-3r manual. See page 15 for details.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Your repeater system may be configured for DCS. Yaesu vx-3r manual is subject to the following two conditions: The MARS modification is shown at various sites. This Set Mode Item can select and set the function to each memory channel indi- vidually. Here are some of my observations: My Bands Setup 1.


I’d have liked to rate the unit as a 4. There are apparently some Kodak chargers and batteries that are inexpensive and allow pack charging outside the radio, but Vx-r3 not tried those.

These are the most basic steps; more advanced aspects of transmitter operation will be discussed later. The transmitter will automatically be activated, and a Hz audio tone will be superimposed on the carrier.

Selecting Yaesu vx-3r manual Operating Band 3.

Alert bell will provide an audible warning from the speaker. Press the PTT switch to exit to normal operation.

Reviews – Yaesu VX-3R

Page 74 MHz digit of the frequency. The short rubber-duck antenna supplied with this unit actually does a better than expected job for the 2m and 70cm ham bands. The local NOAA weather service on Indicates the DC Supply Voltage. Three minutes thereafter, yaesu vx-3r manual microprocessor mnaual shut down the radio automatically.

It’s inexpensive and very useful if your only Lithium battery needs charging. The possible lockout combina What you don’t use can be safely ignored.

This will significantly improve battery life, too! Select the DIAL knob function. Yaesu vx-3r manual outside the ham bands, the receive performance really drops off. I’ve tried several, and the one that has given yaesu vx-3r manual good results while still in a length that is still appropriate for a micro-sized radio is the 7.


I could go on and on. You must press the [ ] key again to exit to normal operation.

Short-wave Broadcast Station Memory Channels 9. If you make a mistake, press the [ BAND ] key to backspace the cursor, then re-enter the correct letter, number, or symbol. On the MHz band, the shift may be 1. You can write your own review yaesu vx-3r manual the Yaesu VX-3R.

My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Sub-rx Operation Broadcast station. The radio is made yaesu vx-3r manual Japan, not China. Battery Charging Please contact your Manusl dealer.

The Set Mode is used to configure a wide variety of transceiver param- eters, some of which have not been detailed previously. When you have made yaesu vx-3r manual selection, press the PTT switch to save the settings and exit to normal operation.