The Missing Chums by Franklin W. Dixon is a Focus on the Family book published in association with Tyndale House Publishers. It is the fourth book in ” The. The Missing Chums (Hardy Boys, Book 4) [Franklin W. Dixon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Not only is the local bank robbed, but two of . : The Missing Chums: Hardy Boys 4 (Audible Audio Edition): Franklin Dixon, Bill Irwin, Listening Library: Books.

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A police car followed. Presently the car swerved, bumped over uneven ground a short distance, and tue. It circled close to the anchored vessel. Why should he try to protect that big fellow he tried to frame last night? But we have no solid evidence yet to back up our hunch.

Through the haze, the boys could see the red taillights of the bank robbers’ car. View all 5 comments. We need the Coast Guard!

The policeman turned to the guard. In a few minutes his thf garments were drying in the stern of the Sleuth while the powerful craft, with Joe at the wheel, cut smoothly through the waters of Barmet Bay. The Sleuth was gone! There’s a giant in chhums living room waiting for you. He said he wanted the detective’s sons this time-and right away.


Lying flat, he inched downward over the cliff edge until he could pass the leather under Frank’s armpits. The Mlssing Boys 1 – 10 of books. Joe cried out, “That was Chet! Also, this is the rare Stevenson novel that contains a supernatural element Frank and Joe placed the cylinders in Joe’s carrier. Although he’s bald, he’s younger than Sutton-bigger and stronger. I am guessing that Stevenson was trying to do something a bit different, but it really doesn’t work.

As soon as I saw that Pat was missing from his station, I knew you boys and your guard had been brought here. Halfway down the block, they found a tne confectionery squeezed between a junk shop and an empty store.

The boys approached a solidly built shanty. Dixon is in between action driven and character driven book you decide. There was a churning chms water, a whiff of gasoline smoke, and the sound of men jumping into the boat.

Second time in a week. Biff merely shrugged and kept on grinning. To ask other missjng questions about The Missing Chumsplease sign up. It stopped and three uniformed men leaped out. The mysteries are appropriate for girls or boys, and are quite intriguing to the end.

He and the Hardys had known one another for years and exchanged greetings. It came again-a soft knocking. And nice piloting, Joe! When the Hardy Boys leave the party, they see that Chet and Tony are missing.


Joe took the wheel and throttled the smooth-running engine so low that its sound was only a faint hum. Frank and Joe passed near a group roasting potatoes in hot coals before one of the huts. Hardcover missinf, pages.

The Hardy Boys the Missing Chums by Dixon, Franklin W

That rudder is only temporarily repaired. At his side sat chuks huge man with a bald head. There were two sudden bursts of light, accompanied by sharp explosions. Frank and Joe walked over to their friends.

The old man stood in the same threatening attitude on the hilltop.

The Missing Chums (revised text)

The kids and I read this together and was a trip down memory lane for me. It’s a multigenerational family saga spanning about 40 years, from roughly to the midst of World War 2.

At times Joe cupped his hands and shouted, “Hallooo.