RPG ITEM: Sons of Gruumsh Overall Quality: The Product – Here we have a stand alone adventure set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign. Product Blurb: This adventure showcases the classic high fantasy for which the Forgotten Realms setting is known. Sons of Gruumsh features an epic quest to. Sons of Gruumsh (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms 4th-Level Adventure [Christopher Perkins] on *FREE*.

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Whether they stop at an inn or make their way directly, the PCs should visit Lord Nanther’s estate as soon as aons. Average Rating 1 rating.

The search for the noble heirs eventually leads the characters into the wilds of Thar. The first two stories are seamless stone, 5 feet thick.

Sons of Gruumsh – Wikipedia

The machinations of Zhentil Keep and the other cities are numerous and deadly. I am certain you, as sons of gruumsh operatives, will have better fortune. Player characters should advance at least one level in the course of the adventure and perhaps two by its conclusion.

Several scions of the great families have disappeared, and the player characters have been recruited to find sons of gruumsh rescue them.

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Access to this gruumdh is gained via a locked door Open Lock DC 30 on the second floor landing. This adventure showcases the classic high fantasy for which the Forgotten Realms setting is known.

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Dee Barnett skns, et al. Sons of gruumsh Perkins is a year veteran of Wizards of the Coast and the most prolific adventure writer in Dungeon ‘s history. They’ll follow sons of gruumsh trail of clues into orc-haunted wilderness, and then to the ruined orcish citadel of Xul-Jarek. For months, the companions have secretly embarked on adventures in Thar.

Sons of Gruumsh

The adventure begins in the city of Melvaunt, where the heroes have to deal with local politics and intrigue in order to find a man they’ve been hired to track down. Not surprisingly, Lord Leiyraghon has refused to sons of gruumsh with Woarsten or respond to his missives.

House Nanther’s utter destruction is not beyond the pale.

A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the sons of gruumsh containing your name and the order number of your eBook purchase. Some no doubt seek to take advantage of this distraction to undermine my authority.

Sons of Gruumsh Art Gallery

This could be a sign that Mulmaster is preparing a fleet to attack Melvaunt. At present, it seems subdued sons of gruumsh guarded. He shared these dreams with several companions, including other noble youths.

Three massive orogs emerged from deep below the citadel and approached them. The seal has gained you free passage into the city, though not without a thorough inspection by the town watch they seem particularly suspicious.


His favorite pastime is telling scary pirate tales to children around bonfires behind The Nest. After dispensing with introductions, he collapses sons of gruumsh a large padded chair and fixes his steely gaze upon each of you.

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. In short sons of gruumsh, Woarsten Nanther himself appears. Orcs have been attacking outlying farms and trade roads, occasionally kidnapping folk before withdrawing into the foggy depths of Thar. The excerpts below include information from the beginning of each book so that you can get a better idea of what you’ll find inside each product.

You carry with you the seal of Woarsten Nanther, patriarch of a powerful and influential noble Melvaunt family.

Sons of Gruumsh sons of gruumsh. To mark this mighty event, Jurrg has contrived a ritual to give Thrull the blessing of Gruumsh himself. You have arrived in the city of Melvaunt, which sits on the northwestern shore of sons of gruumsh Moonsea. Just to be clear, however, gruumsy platinum I am paying you is for Oreal’s safe return alone.

Meanwhile, the city of Melvaunt has a crisis of its own.