6 Oct Working of Scuderi split cycle engine. How Scuderi engine achieves a high compression ratio?. 16 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one. 12 Apr The Scuderi engine is a split cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders, one.

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The Only Engine That Can Both Generate and Store Energy

But any concept of ICE will have hard time to make it through, turbo charged high pressure diesel are already very efficient and powerful. Anyway, it is interesting.

Scuderi Split Cycle Engine Again. Click to enlarge Other figures splt percentages — the engine, when boosted with scuderi split cycle engine turbocharger to 3. The Scuderi Engine divides the four strokes of a combustion cycle between two paired cylinders — the left cylinder functions as an air compressor, handling intake and compression, while the right cylinder handles combustion scudefi exhaust. COV is a measure of the variability scuderi split cycle engine each combustion cycle.

The Scuderi engine is interesting, but as others have pointed out, it has been done before and I wish them the best possible luck.


The basic problem of present engines, either spark-ignited or compression-ignited, scuderi split cycle engine automotive power plant is not the engine but the way we run it. The intake, compression and exhaust strokes are all negative work, or the energy that the engine consumes to create mechanical work.

Scuderi Split Cycle Engine Advantages Disadvantages and Applications

This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Sngine of heat engine technology. Interesting in wider the subject? Treehugger 23 June at ToppaTom 24 June at Any projected advantage of Scuderi Split Cycle engine can be matched with variable valving of well-developed present V-6 ICE with ease.

scuderi split cycle engine

One of the things that was always critical scuderi split cycle engine us was whether or not we would be able to maintain our pressure [at low load] Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment. Firing ATDC in a split-cycle arrangement is claimed to eliminate the losses resulting from recompressing the gas.

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Looking at scuderi split cycle engine issue of where all of the rest of the energy was going, I began to wonder. How about utilizing hot cylinder ceramic insulator?

What history and science say about Scuderi is clear and damning. It appears you take cydle time to post a reply without any understanding of this technology.

Roger Pham 28 June at The faster flame speed afforded by the compressed air travelling through the crossover valve allows for firing after top dead center; currently, this is impossible. Please read my ecuderi comment carefully to try and get the irony about computer simulations that was built into it. Add this engine to a better scuderi split cycle engine body, and we could well see triple the current mileage.


In tests of the prototype running at near idle load and speed i.

Your comment scuderi split cycle engine not be posted. Secondly, for improving the efficiency and emission of automotive engines, better approach is simply to use peak-shaving and smaller engine operating wide-open throttle.

Lower COV figures correlate with higher efficiency and more complete combustion. And it is open for all to see, just use common sense. To comment, please enable JavaScript so you can sign in.

Working principle of Scuderi split cycle engine | Mecholic

You are currently signed in as nobody. Where do you find the information to make your assessments?

The cylinder wall must be cooled or your lubricant will burn up, in any engines. I noticed this in Cycle World magazine and thought I would check it out.