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He is a unique phenomenon among Croatian architects, as he approached every assignment with an equal sensibility towards the materiality, context, and plasticity of architecture.

The newly accessible coastal area was now more attractive to tourism-related ventures, which would irrevocably change the visual field and the experience of travel.

Both processes permanently transformed the coastline and the appearance and use of the konstruktivni elementi zgrada that had triggered these processes.

ISVU – Course description

The decision to create a system out of one unit, konstruktivni elementi zgrada by detaching it from or including it in a complex, would open the possibility to approach the entire ensemble from a town-planning perspective, transcending the requirements of mere guest accommodation.

An Eye on the Road is konstruktivni elementi zgrada kohstruktivni account of a period when the ultimate purpose of driving was the journey itself.

A perspective view of the Konstrukivni motel near Rijeka located on a steep slope facing the sea. He thus demonstrated his awareness of the sequence of views in which his motel would appear to drivers on the highway Fig.

Konstruktivni elementi zgrada, Rijeka, Biograd, Trogir. The other parts of the complex are finished with a combination of stone walls and stucco, even incorporating highly stylised arches in the entrance to the cinema complex. They are now set longitudinally, along the ridge.

Yugoslavia has a highway konstruktivni elementi zgrada of about 0.

Metalna konstrukcija

A couple of other buildings soon followed. The view through the windscreens of konstruktivni elementi zgrada parked cars is the same as that from the rooms of the pavilions. Monitoring the sensations of movement so experienced can raise the mere mechanics of movement to elemnti level of appreciation giving us thereby a taste of a sensibility about movement. The construction of the highway initiated two konstruktivni elementi zgrada processes with far-reaching consequences.


In fact, while the construction of the highway had up to been managed primarily by construction engineers, architects then began to participate, marking a critical change in how the highway was conceptualized. In some places, the road passed close to the sea, prompting development on konstruktivni elementi zgrada land along the road for those stretches, thus irreversibly diminishing the quality of coastal landscapes.

The original blueprints and konstruktivni elementi zgrada perspective drawings from show that it would have been the most complex structure of konstruktivni elementi zgrada entire system, with the greatest number of accommodation units, and it would have introduced a Konstruktlvni core consisting of the main building with two annexes.

On the Rijeka-Zadar section of the highway, which was completed bytraffic grew nearly five fold konstruktivni elementi zgrada andfrom about to 1, vehicles [per day]; on other sections, too, a doubling of traffic within a year or two after completion … and a tripling not long thereafter, is not uncommon.

The numbers of Western European tourists continued to increase, as opposed to those numbers pl. A postcard, from the s; photographer unknown.

Notice konstruktivni elementi zgrada different nature of the new red and the old black routes. In the latter part of the 20th century, with the planning of trans-European corridors within the broader context of tourist migrations, the importance of this kobstruktivni has changed.

Used with permission of the AHA. The main condition of the IBRD for approving the loan in was the completion of the entire length of the Adriatic Highway, even if it meant leaving the final two sections of the Central Highway unfinished for the time being.

Used with permission of the MGT. They are carefully distributed and guided by the idea of directing, konatruktivni, or framing views.

A sharp turn would then open the view to the sea in an almost ceremonious, solemn approach to the parking lot, where car passengers could enjoy the views of the open sea. The development of motels took a different route from that of hotels.


This konstruktivni elementi zgrada closely followed by consideration of ways to optimise every aspect of the time workers spent on their vacations, from the quality of the journey itself to the development of various types of accommodation Duda For konstruktivni elementi zgrada reason, the series of motels along the Adriatic Highway is a valuable testament to this specific point in the history of both coastal and tourist architecture. Although the size could not offer the level of comfort that would soon be demanded by tourists, these cramped dimensions hint at the intended brief stay of the guests, while simultaneously directing them towards the more intensive use of konstruktivni elementi zgrada external areas of the motel complex.

The number and distribution of the entrances and the organisation of the plot is strongly determined by the separation of the design into several architectural units. The Italian autostradas and German Konstruktivni elementi zgrada were fast transit roads whose routes generally avoided cities, making contact with them only at their outskirts.

A comparison of the elevations of the main buildings. This core would later be repeated in the construction of three of the motels, with a cluster of independent bungalows placed around it.

Landscapes vary, so it is logical that the architectural design of particular objects will have to be variegated and characteristic of the konstruktivni elementi zgrada through which the road passes. Konstruktivni elementi zgrada enabled the equal, unrestricted access of cars to all structures within the complex while placing parking lots immediately in front of the units.

Despite the modest material and technological means available, it was carefully planned and executed to both maximise driving pleasure and serve as a gateway for foreign visitors to explore the beauty of the coast. The Trogir motel as konstruktivni elementi zgrada extension of the Adriatic Highway, with the historic town centre in the background.