The layout appears to match this: from /fonts-keyboard/khmer-unicode-keyboard-layout/ You may also wish to try the. All Mac with OS X is built with Khmer Unicode ready; meaning that, you can write The keyboard layout is a little bit different from keyboard layout developed by. Go back to Page of Khmer Unicode for Window Vista bit and Window XP Keyboard layout will be a little bit different such as if you want to type “Chherng”, .

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Could you tell me How can we make keyboard that work in PC 64 bit?

File:Khmer unicode layout.svg

Even i send e-mail from my old laptop to new laptop and compare the real view is different size. Microsoft Word should work without problem should as well, but sometimes it will have khmer unicode layout. Cambodia News Editorials Camnews. Khmer unicode layout programs still cannot use Khmer Unicode, so when testing it is safest to use notepad because it does support it.

Khmer Unicode Layout

If there is no Khmer keyboard available, install the keyboard we listed on this page: Let me know if you are still having trouble. For Khmer, in order to khmer unicode layout Spell khmet and Grammar check as well as ensure correct line-breaking, we use the space-bar to input a zero-width space.


Our keyboard is based on the Khmer unicode layout OS keyboard with a few slight modifications.

When I try typing Khmer I cannot make space. Hello Sambath, Thanks for visiting!

File:Khmer unicode – Wikimedia Commons

Can you help me correct this problem? Make sure the checkbox is selected. Khmer Fonts Package For Windows: You could also try using another Khmer Unicode font and see if it still has issues just to troubleshoot to find out what is causing khmer unicode layout problem.

It worked but not properly. We use only MKLC or there is another way to help? Now websites khmer unicode layout Khmer should display perfectly as this screenshot: Maybe it look like a rocket science.

Every things fine, just cannot Space. Because many of these fonts were neither developed using Unicode Standards nor adopted by makers of World Wide Web WWW browsers, many Khmer fonts were not readable without special library drivers.


Please follow the below instruction to download and install it. Some programs do not yet show Khmer Unicode correctly, so first make sure it is working in Notepad. Khmer unicode layout use Office currently, but when I did khmer unicode layout in Windows 7 bit I never ran into the problem you stated….

About Us First Launched: You can download a collection of Khmer Unicode fonts here: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Problem unknown khmer foot. If you have any questions about the fonts here please feel free to send them too: Khmer Unicode is still a nightmare.

Your font system works instantly. I am really glad.

I have trouble with it now. To access the key layout, click on the flag at the top of your screen. You can download fonts here: