Just like after the army My spouse and i started to be a teacher OBZH

Recentlywe printed thestory ofateacher who else rejects hisexampletheideathatschoolis for adult males not necessarily place. Our narratoralso forbids this
stereotype, together with how. Asaspecialist in your survival, thelifeguard vocation is very brutal.

Immediately after demobilization, the particular main goal of our main character, who had previously got experience of service at the open fire brigade was to enter the MOE, however, this
dreamto cometrue was fated in no way fail health. Hetold about howwas in school, thechallenges that will this younger instructor, and what’s drastically wrong
with lifesafety today.

Exactly how I grew to become a tutor of fundamentals of lifestyle protection
After thefailure ofthe MOE We started to look for some other options to study. In thearmy My spouse and i wasasquad boss. Our duties included teachingmilitary
disciplinesubordinates. Ienjoyed doing the idea. So My spouse and i went in order to the Herzen state pedagogicalUniversity. Herzen.

My spouse and i failed to desire to losetimeand started for you to try to find specialties, which, to be able to concede, to do easier.
To start with psychology. I was told the fact that theexamscores (they stillworked) I don’t haveenough. Thesubject OBZHcombined allthe knowledge
that We seemed to be stuffed in thearmy. Artsafety, survivalisa military artwork. I’mstillafirefighter – one that is immediately fighting for her life. Therefore, theconcept
ofsecurity hasa strong romantic relationship.

In the admissions officeI was greeted, told about the prestigesafety— I didn’t, ofcourse. Knewthat going nowhere: not necessarily to earnmoney, status can be
also questionable. Yes, military services you theeffect that anyone believe you served, then allwill be work, dollars, development. And then an individual get theteacher OBZH,
precisely what kind of dreams. Cometo the University again— I actually waseven on the finances officeis notenough. The personwho knows basic safety, went with
combatmissions, “launched missiles”, place outan entire military model – notenough items. Socialscience, you see, I handed down poorly.
Nothing to carry out : I went for you to thecorrespondence Division, reasoning the fact that it willwork easier.

I actually knewthat the knowledge gained in distancelearning, will definitely not besufficient for teaching. Nevertheless, to theteaching ofI regarded as as something sacred.
Theteacher is theconductor, fundamentalfigurefor thestudents. And herezaochku lifesafety. Would not fit. academized writing reviews However, My partner and i would. On a par along with girls
that have merely graduated fromhigh school, together with graduated fromher obviouslyweak, since going to teachers’ tutorial planning. Afteradmission My partner and i
began to earn on lifeand learning.

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Getting started in school
An acquaintance promised mea placeat theschoolwhen We found out that I actually havelearned fromlifesafety for you to Herzen. On emotions, I actually quitmy then
job. I think that will I would takefrom the beginning of the school year. In theend, My partner and i 3 months wasa “factotum”, I had been interrupted in theeatery
and all kinds of throughwork, coming from the cashier to theloader. InNovember, following theend oftheschoolterm, theidea ofteaching has recently been developed.
Icameto class. Classes, as it were, is best in thearea. Excellent redevelopment, tenniscourt, footballfield. Theinterviewwasa exploration of how
and what My partner and i should coach and accomplish. I required ajob asateacher-organizer.