24 Aug More information has come to light, since Michael Frayn’s play premiered in , about its subject: the ruptured friendship between the. 3 Mar In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. The Tony Award—winning play that soars at the intersection of science and art, Copenhagen is an explosive re-imagining of the mysterious wartime.

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Read more Read less. I do not know if personally I would have enjoyed this as a play.

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To this Heisenberg replies later in the same conversation – don’t assume my need to defend my country is any weaker just because I know it is in the wrong. They feared over-promising with regards to a risky endeavor.

Had their schedule been off by a few months, there would have been rfayn atomic bombs ready for use during World War II, and the Manhattan Project still holds the world record for fastest time between deciding to make a nuclear weapon and actually having one.

Heisenberg historians remain divided over their own interpretations of the event. The characters aren’t entirely sure what happened or what their motives were. Thought-provoking, funny, eerie and sad. This circumspect discussion, fayn with Bohr’s shocked reaction to it, apparently cut off the discussion between the two.


Their work together on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle had revolutionized atomic physics. This is the copenagen of the conflict that two eminent scientists with giant leap contributions to modern physics Almost 4.


Retrieved 10 February Inthe German scientist visited Bohr, his old mentor and long-time friend, in Copenhagen. Frayn does not offer any easy answers, to do so would be an insult to the wonderful work that has gone on before.

I’m confident it would be an honor to stage this play and I am confident I would be thrilled to serve as the dramaturg on such a production. I’m running out of time, so this will be quick, which, coincidentally, is one of the major themes of the play. There are many other, more interesting reasons to attribute the failure of the German bomb project. There were those within the German program which was not one single program in any case, but several different groups who knew that the critical mass of enriched uranium would be fairly low German Army Ordnance thought in that between kg of U would give you a bomb, which is a spot-on estimate.

I think there is too much license given to the mind to make for a good idea of ranking this as a stage act. Heisenberg repeated his convictions on the technical feasibility of building nuclear weapons.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

And, ah, you’re kind of beautiful too. For example, Heisenberg refers to a “bomb having gone off” in Bohr’s head. These are all grayn of the artistic style known as Expressionism. I also recommend Einstein’s book The Evolution of Physics: You just won’t admit it.


About Copenhagen The Tony Award—winning play that soars at the intersection of science and art, Copenhagen is copenhagenn explosive re-imagining of the mysterious wartime meeting between two Nobel laureates to discuss the atomic bomb.

Better review to come.

Historical thoughts on Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen | Restricted Data

It was about relationships. However, as a work of literature, as something to read and enjoy it is superb!

Heisenberg said explicitly that he did not wish to enter into technical details but that Bohr should understand that he knew what he was talking copenagen as he had spent 2 years working exclusively on this question. This entry was posted on Friday, February 26th, at Building things and managing labs or people was not his forte.

Copenhagen by Michael Frayn

At the centre of the play is a discussion of whether Heisenberg went to Bohr for help to achieve the Nazi’s goals or for help in warning the Allies. Heisenberg’s letter to his wife, written on the eve of his departure from Copenhagen, provides no hint of a fracture. They are also used to suggest Heisenberg’s speed and recklessness which contrasts with Frxyn caution and tediousness.