30 Apr Explore the popular test automation frameworks for HP’s UFT (formerly In the Business Process Testing (BPT) Automation Framework the test. QTP Frameworks Basics Different types of Frameworks used in QTP. . Business Process Testing (BPT) Framework in QTP . Posts about bpt framework in qtp written by Bibek Khatiwara.

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Resources include a shared object repository; reusable functional libraries…etc. Please provide the solution. Keywords Keywords pane displays the all the built-in methods, all the User-defined functions in function libraries and the objects in an object repository. I sat in on BPT training a few years ago. BPT marries the automation bpt framework in qtp manual testing experience and this has been the best benefit for fdamework company. Last Fortune I worked at had aroundtests.

6 Popular Test Automation Frameworks for UFT (QTP)

You can use this tab if you want to pass data or retrieve data from the Component. Thanks for all the comments.

Object Repositories B;t module will help bpt framework in qtp to associate the required shared object repositories similar to function libraries. This tutorial will give you a complete idea on BPT — How it works, what it includes, its significance, etc. The automation team don’t even need to do all the coding either, if you record the application objects, then the manual team can actually use a keyword view to “write” the code. Naveen closely follows emerging trends in the software testing domain.

You can select the desired output parameter from that and click on ok button. Or say, I have changed the requirement adding a step in the registration process, then framewoek are all the tests that need to be updated and run.

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I try to keep the components pretty high level and aligned with business process and just call into function libraries that do most of the work. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Bpt framework in qtp not uncommon for bpt framework in qtp enterprise to have or more tests. Role 2 Automation Engineer: If you have output parameters it is displayed in this column. One can say, I made a change in the Login module, bpt framework in qtp are all the tests you want to run.

BPT helps with optimization in the utilization of the resources and their expertise. I followed along with the class, but it still made very little sense to me.

It is a logical entity, which you cannot see the physical existence in a file system. Each component can be used differently for different business processes.

If you want qgp return any value s from the Component, then you have to use output parameters. Create the new folder so that you can create bpt framework in qtp your application related Components in one place.

You can automate the Component similarly how you automate in the QTP using keyword view. What I like about them is the control you have and the simplicity of use. But a lot of posters bpt framework in qtp mentioned BPT needs a good design and bpt framework in qtp.

Enter the step name to describe the step, description exact operation that you want to perform on the application and the expected result application status after performing the step. Quick, efficient, utilization of expertise, easy implementation of standards are some strong features which make BPT a powerful testing technique.

A separate ‘Automatic Runner’ window is displayed after clicking the ‘Run’ button, in which you have to mention in which machine you frameework to run these BPTs. I bpt framework in qtp through your post, Would you like to suggest me which framework is good for eCommerce web application testing using UFT.


I haven’t used BPT.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is sort of the happy dramework between the too bpt framework in qtp manual testing and too complex automation testing.

BPT status is determined by the most severe state of all its Components. Create Actual Business Process Tests: Click on the automation button as shown below and select either convert keyword driven or scripted Component.

Business Process Testing(BPT) Framework in QTP/UFT

Output parameter list window is displayed with a list of all output parameters of the previous Components. Normal Debug Debug Mode: Hi Naveeen I gone through your post, Would you like to suggest me framewoork framework is good for bpt framework in qtp web application testing using UFT.

SMEs create a business process test. It is performed step-by-step to confirm that all business rules are working correctly and when any deviation is found the defects qto logged.

Manual testers design the manual Component for bpt framework in qtp required functionality, which is automated by the automation tester. Step 2 Automating the Manual Components Building the Application Area Application Area is a logical entity which helps us to group the all required resources to automate the application or part of application.

I have hpt started with a new position and have not used QTP in 1.