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What does this mean? Which are the methods the structure and the groups of the global decision making centers? Some members of the Bilderberg Club without having departed from it officially have established in June of a more developed part the Trilateral Commission with leader the president of the Chase Manhattan Bank, D.

Dr. Athanasios Strigas | Edubate

How can the humans react strgias this totalitarianism? What would they do? In reality there is not even an act that confirms its establishment. The people that consist those decision making centers just bring gold to those cartels.

The deductions which have extracted the analysts of the NSA are being transferred in the end to the Guidance Committee of the Bilderberg Club. I promote you as a president, prime minister, military leader; you satisfy your vanity and have ethical and economical profits, in return you have to blindly obey us. The last years we have seen a change in the global scenery.

Athanaxios the above explain also why the public works in our country always begin but never end.


An exchange could be India. If not we destroy you with the method of corruption or the forced resignation or the assassination.

Moreover the NSA is the politicians manufacturer of presidents and prime ministers always according to the orders of the two global centers.

The Guidance Committee of the Club is consisted by Americans and Europeans from the developed countries, never has joined a person from the Third World. One is the soft spot of the global leaders-even if this sounds impossible-and this lies in their constant fear whether someday the people wake up and demand the wealth that they hold. At least this is what happened till now.

Are there opponent groups that want the people to wake up? This has as a result turmoil in the society. One of them is Oppenheimer the son, that is at this time in Moscow and lives in the eastern part of the city. You must remember that in the Club has met in Greece, in “Asteras” hotel of Bouliagmeni. The supernumary are something like visitors-speakers and they are only allowed to speak a few minutes and always in the first day of the convention.

Athanasios Strigas

In any way the point is that sometimes countries reach to a dead end. The methods that are being used are simple: This reaction can take many variations. So it became the dominator of the game.

Therefore until some time we had alliances between countries. There is no more any freedom in the leaders. The security rate is very high and its electronic equipment is unique in the world and it has the most perfect computer center in the world. From where do those centers have such power? It is equipped with tenths of satellites which are for example monitoring the movements of the Serbs or of Sadam and in little seconds they inform the headquarters of the organization.


What is the role of the International Numismatic Fund? The second part of your question has this answer. Here we will have a repeat of the Onasis phenomenon which came recently in public with all its twisted situations. Taking this opportunity i should tell you that within the vast changes that will happen in the near future is a step-up of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Everything has been globalize.

Κύπρος: απόρρητος φάκελος – Athanasios K. Strigas – Google Books

Today the politicians are dependent of some needs which do not allow them to commit any independent moves. But for the NSA no one has ever written something.

The soviet people must be educated as a consuming citizen like the western one. As you likewise are probably obliged to some friends that you have to take into consideration in athanasils moves and plans.