Asteracantha longifolia (L.) Nees, Acanthaceae: química, usos tradicionais e medicinais e suas atividades farmacológicas – uma revisão. The aim of the present study was to study the effect of seeds of Asteracantha longifolia on the sexual behaviour of male albino rats. The ethanolic extract of. Anaemia is a common nutritional disorder, mainly caused by iron deficiency. Asteracantha longifolia Nees (Family. Acanthaceae) is a source of the ayurvedic .

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Make a paste of Asteracantha Longifolia seeds, mix it with buttermilk. Drink it daily for about a month. Oxford and IBH publishing Co. Keep a note of your sugar readings. Prepare a decoction of Asteracantha Longifolia root. It showed variation in content of Lupeol, which was found to be maximum in roots collected from Thane region 0.

Constituents of Moquinia kingii. Anti-tumor potency and toxicology of an Indian ayurvedic plant, Hygrophila spinosa. This page features 20 references. Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of six Acanthaceae from Burkina Faso.

Karjat Asteracantha longifolia Nees.

I want to know the dosage of it. Effect of Asteracantha longifolia Nees. It is not intended to replace a doctor.


Erythropoietic activity of Asteracantha longifolia (Nees.) in rats.

The plant is an important medicinal herb, widely distributed in India and is used by local population for different medicinal purposes. Appears to reduce the spike and overall exposure to glucose following an oral glucose tolerance test in both healthy and diabetic adults. Constituents of Asteracantha longifolia. Iam suffering from allergy and asthma can this be taken to cure. Diuretic activity of Asteracantha longifolia Nees. The solution of 0. Kolhapur Asteracantha longifolia Nees.

Start with 5 drops in a glass of water before every major meal. Immunomodulatory activity of Chlorophytum borivilianum Sant.

Nees, Acanthaceae, is a source of the ayurvedic drug, ‘Kokilaaksha’ and the Unani drug, Talimakhana. Asteracantha longifolia of the family Acanthaceaesynonymous the Hygrophila genera auriculata and longidolia as well as the Barleria genera auriculata and spinosa [1] is a traditional Indian medicine [2] named either Kokilaaksha or Talimakhana Ayurvedic and Unani medicine, respectively [1] and some lesser known names of Ikshura, Ikshugandha, [3] and Ikkirie.

Shanmugasundaram P, Venkataraman S Petroleum ether and chloroform extract of leaves show haematopoietic activity as it significantly increases erythrocyte count, leukocyte count, and haemoglobin count Pawar et al. I am also facing the same problem with Tal makhana. Asteracanthine and asteracanthinine alkaloids [1] [8]. Mix Yarrow Essential oil with Castor Oil.


Asteracantha Longifolia Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Uncontrolled or observational studies only. The method of taking any Herb depends on the condition for which it is to be taken.

There is also decrease in thiobarbituric acid reactive substances TBARS and hydroperoxide in both liver and kidney. For any further queries, you may visit our page- Diabetes in the disease section of the website, or write back to us.

Hepatoprotective activity The aqueous extract of whole plant and root of A. It is also used commercially as an ingredient of some Over-The-Counter OTC formulations used in liver disorder and those prescribed as general tonic. A Compendium of Species.