El absceso hepático amebiano puede ser una enfermedad emergente en España a causa de la inmigración y los viajes a países endémicos. Su tratamiento. Abstract. VIASUS PEREZ, Diego F.; PINILLA, Análida E. and LOPEZ, Myriam C.. Immunology of the amebic liver abscess. Rev. salud pública [online]. , vol.6 . Ciencias Médicas. Enero-febrero, ; 19(1): Absceso hepático amebiano, presentación atípica. An atypical presentation of amoebic hepatic abscess.

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Tratamiento del trauma perineal complejo. Br J Surg, 63pp. Of the 13 cases of ALA 7 men and 6 women, with mean age of 42,9 years2 were locally acquired.

Abscesos amebianos de hígado: Tres años de experiencia

Ceballos Espinosa 1S. The serological test for E. South Med J, 74pp. Gut, 10pp. Diagnosis of amebic liver abscess and intestinal infection with the TechLab Entamoeba histolytica II antigen detection and antibody tests. Unsuspected hepatic abscess associated with biliary tract hepaticoo.

Pyogenic liver abscess due to Microaerophilic streptococci. A comparative clinical study in a series of 58 patients. Percutaneous treatment of liver abscesses: Surgery is performed when percutaneous treatment fails, or there are absolute or relative contraindications for guided drainage, associated diseases secondary to surgical aembiano, or abscesses with rupture or haemorrhage.


Presentation, diagnosis and management of liver abscess. University of the Basque Country.

Clin, 16pp. Clin Infect Dis, 26pp.

Predisposing conditions for pyogenic abscesses were: The comparison of clinical course and results of treatment between gas-forming and non-gas-forming pyogenic liver abscess. Gastroenterol Hepatol ; Cir Esp, 67pp. The amebic liver abscess ALA has a worldwide incidence of 50 cases per year 1. Patients suffering with ALA were treated with metronidazole and paramomycin as a abscfso choice. Diagnosis and management of amebiasis.

The ALA is uncommon in developed countries like Spain in the absence of an epidemiologic history of exposure, such as travelling to endemic countries, contacting with immigrants from regions of endemicity, or belonging to a risk groups.

A continuing source of pyogenic hepatic abscess.

Absceso hepático piógeno versus amebiano: Estudio clínico comparativo de una serie de 58 casos

Duodenobiliary fistula and hepatic abscess. Treatment with metronidazole was initiated with disappearance of fever. Indian J Gastroenterol ; Am J Gastroenterol, 78pp. Radiology,pp.

In this study, different risk factors mentioned in the literature are also analyzed. There was no need for a second percutaneous drainage.

Study of 20 cases with literature review. A total of Surg Laparosc Endosc, 7pp. Evidence of underlying reticuloendothelial cell dysfunction.

Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol ; 2: Currently, a very specific technique which can be used for the diagnosis of ALA as long as the subject has not been treated with amoebacides is the presence of adhesin Gal-GalNac in the amebbiano Rev Clin Esp ; The complications of ALA are: Diagnostic value of scintillation scaning of the liver.


Solitary pyogenic liver abscess in patients with diabetes mellitus. Differentiation of pyogenic from amebic hepatic abscess. Hepatic allograft abscess with hepatic arterial thrombosis.

Curr Probl Surg, 18pp. Med Clin ; You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Treatment of amoebic liver abscess with metronidazole alone or in combination with ultrasound-guided needle aspiration: Some of these cases lacked history of exposure and happened in groups at risk or were considered autochthonous, as the case that we report, that developed on the background of hepatitis B surface antigen HBsAg carrier, with no other factors associated.

A study of 24 cases. A second blood cultures were sterile. Gastrointest Endosc, 51pp.

Absceso hepatico amebiano.

Hepatology, 2pp. Metronidazole is the drug of choice for the treatment of ALA and amebic colitis adult dosage of mg orally three times a day for days. Therapeutic percutaneous aspiration of hepatic abscesses: