10 Nov Find History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot at Blurb Books. An attempt at recreating “A History of Magic” from the Harry Potter series. Film Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1™. Importance From Hermione Granger’s library. Written by Bathilda Bagshot, ‘A History of Magic’ is a must. Early Magical Communities: Ancient Greece And Rome Major Religions And Magic: Greek Rationalism British Magical History: Merlin And King Arthur.

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Muggles who were able to decipher the tree barks were considered mad or ‘loony,’ and thus, this theory gained little support from the Muggles who believe that magic exists. After their trip to Godric’s HollowHermione read A History of Magic at night while Harry struggled with the loss of his wand and learning about Albus Dumbledore ‘s friendship with Gellert Grindelwald.

Ina Chinese explorer named Ho Mao Tseng followed these tracks before stopping in the middle of a deserted area in the shadow of the Swiss Alps. Refresh and try again.

The contents of the book covered various people and events such as: They still followed the migratory routes, which are histody being researched by wizards and Muggles alike, but the wizards’ tracks lead into non-existence.

A History of Magic was one of the books Hermione packed in her handbag when the trio went to hunt Voldemort ‘s Horcruxes.

The Theory of Uno Mas focuses on the first wizard. I enjoyed pieces, but more it was a hot mess. Markings were written on bark, and researchers constantly make new discoveries for every new piece of evidence given to them.

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot – Amani-the-Wise – Wattpad

Alicia marked it as to-read Oct 22, TePotato rated it it was ok Jan 21, Tanny marked it as to-read Sep 23, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. SteviBookLover rated it liked it Jun 26, Bodies were never found, but it is believed that these ancient wizards abandoned the tunnel and decided to go their separate ways and thus created the societies that exist today.


Some believe he developed the first wheel, bathlda no msgic proof has been found to back up this claim. Many small villages and hamlets attracted several magical families, who banded together for mutual support and protection. Log in Sign Up. Our success as bagshhot society lies in our ability to promote our good values and hinder the growth of our bad beings. It is a gift blessed to witches and wizards alone for they hold the knowledge and wisdom to use it to aid and not to destroy.

It covered the history of the wizarding world up to the end of the 19th century. Books at an unknown date. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Its counterpart, The Anti-Uno Mas Theory, written by wizard activist Josiah Loppet, also sheds some light on the theory’s shortcomings.

However, men of bagshoy time also wanted a particular kind of woman: Tools, clothing, and a few of their other items held magical properties, including a vanishing cloak that held a number of diricrawl feathers and unicorn horns made hjstory necklaces.

Young wizarding children know about magic even before they mutter a word. Jan 19, Scott rated it did not like it. A dozen or so trolls began to smash apart the chamber with their clubs, while hags glided about the place in search of children to eat.

They do not appearing any Vietnamese history books because they went against the government’s decision to install histroy single-party state. In the 17th century, up north in the mountains of the Himalayas, a team of European wizards set up a campsite, initially to observe the habitat of the Yeti, and discovered remains of bagshpt ancient tunnel that led deep into the mountain, where it is believed that Himalayan wizards had set up a community before abandoning it for unknown causes.

He slouched and walked dragging his abnormally long limbs on the ground. Leomar Galvez added it Oct 26, Magical historians believe that magic has its roots long before the documentation of human existence.


The theory implies that all magical blood came from one man who was christened Uno Mas. The graveyard is full of the names of ancient magical families, and this accounts, no doubt, for the stories of hauntings that have dogged the little church beside it for many centuries.

She has always been fascinated by the mysteries and curiosities of the wizarding world.

A History of Magic

Return to Book Page. It was natural, perhaps, that they formed their own small communities within a community.

He was a stocky, built man with a head shaped like a gorilla’s head. To ask other readers questions about A History of Magicplease sign up. Jaime marked it as to-read May 18, It was actually a very simple test.

Young wizards should bear in mind that without magic, there would be no witch or wizard, and it should be given great respect and used for the promotion of the human race. Muhd S marked it as to-read Jun 01, They were exiled back to India where they are currently residing. The Uno Mas Theory is the most popular of all theories of Wizarding beginning. Some theorists believe that Trolls also stem from Uno Mas but have not evolved as quickly as wizards did. Kajia marked it as to-read Aug 25, As witches and wizards attempted to consult the papers before them, sundry pixies and fairies whirled around their aa, giggling and jabbering.

Viola Lighthall marked it as to-read Aug 08, Magic is a term used to describe both the good and the bad.

Unlike the Muggle men of that time, Uno Mas had a keen sense of discovery. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.